Unique Lubricating Membrane

This advance technology improves the molecular structure of lubricant creating an unique and excellent lubricating membrane that penetrate into the pores of metal surfaces of engine components . This unique lubricating membrane creates incomparable and super lubricating effect to boost engine power, save fuel, reduce operating temperature significantly, prolong or double the life span of engine or machine.

We incorporate far-infrared technology in our blending, refinery and treatment process creating a proprietary process that enables oil molecules to bond extremely well with metal surfaces at a molecular level. This allows our lubricants to retain onto the surface for a prolonged period, resulting in a layer of lubricant coat we refer to as LUBRICATING MEMBRANE.
Through our proprietary blending and treatment process that incorporates far-infrared technology, we were able to improve the molecular structure of oil and lubricants, creating nano oil particles that bonds extremely well with metal surfaces. The nano oil particles cling on to metal surface for a longer period of time, creating a Diamond-like MEMBRANE that protects and lubricates the engine.

Active Cleaning Formula

Bio-Ray Motor Oil comes formulated with ACTIVE CLEANING to help clean the engine, allowing the engine to operate efficiently, restoring engine peak performance while reducing fuel and maintenance cost. First-time Bio-Ray Motor Oil car users will notice that their first oil change will be extremely dirty with just 5,000km of use.

As Bio-Ray Motor Oil dislodges impurities and cleans the engine, we recommend first-time Bio-Ray Motor Oil car users to have their oil changed after 5,000km and Bio-Ray Motor Oil motorcycle users to have their first oil change after 2,000km to flush out the impurities. After which, users can resume their usual oil change interval.

Comparison of harmful carbon deposits in engine oil after each use

The Benefits of World 1st Infrared Lubricant

Unique and the best cleansing engine effect

Saving petrol

  • Save 15% test

Proofs of an excellent lubricating membrane exist in the Bio-Ray motor

Proof of Environmental Friendly eliminating black smoke

  • Lorry smoke and smoke cooperation

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