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Gear Oil SAE 90M
Gear Oil 90M

Hydraulic Oil AW 68++

World’s 1st Bio-Ray Infrared Hydraulic oil AW-68++ is a unique super high quality premium hydraulic oil specially blended for industrial and mobile service applications where excellent lubricants are required. They are formulated with unique far-infrared and highly effective additive ingredients  that results in a product that provide many unique features to improve performance and prolong equipment life. Infrared Hydraulic oil is designed to provide good performance in a range of hydraulic components used in systems subjected to moderate and severe operating conditions. These products meet the performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and OEM components.


  • Infrared hydraulic oil which creates membrane to greatly minimize friction, heat, noise and operating temperature for excellent performance and reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Infrared hydraulic oil has a special feature of antioxidant to double the oil lifecycle.
  • Uniquely creates membrane for total anti­wear to achieve double life span of pump
  • Excellent filterability to prevent water contamination for longer oil life
  • Passes Denison T6C wet and dry pump test

Approved By:

– Denison HF-0
– Denison HF-2
– Cincinnati Machine P-68
– Cincinnati Machine P-69

– Cincinnati Machine P-70
– US Steel 126
– US Steel 127


Available In:

– 18L
– 200L