Hydraulic Oil AW 68++

Gear Oil 90M

Bio-Ray Infrared Gear Oils 90M is a heavy duty gear lubricant specially formulated with advance infrared and effective additive ingredient. The lubricant is specially blended for heavy-duty automotive transmissions, axles, and final drives where protection against wear and scoring is ensured by the unique membrane. They are recommended for use in applications where API GL-4 service is required.


  • Infrared gear oil which creates membrane to greatly minimize friction, heat, noise, and operating temperature for excellent performance.
  • Infrared gear oil had a special feature of antioxidant to double the oil life.
  • Uniquely creates membrane for total antiwear to double life span of gears.
  • Due to the unique membrane that provides super lubrication thus, prevent over heating of the gears.
  • Good foam resistance.
  • Extreme pressure properties protect hypoid and other types of gears from scuffing and wear.

Performance Standard:

– API GL-4


Available In:

– 18L
– 200L