Experiment 3: Hands On Test
Experiment 1: No Oil Test

Experiment 2: Fuel Saving Test



Bio-Ray Motor Oil Restores Engine Peak Performance


Fuel efficiency starts from the heart of the car; this means your engine needs to run efficiently in order to reduce fuel consumption. 

This 7 years old Toyota Vios 1.5cc was using a Japan Branded 10W40 Semi Synthetic engine oil and was filled to the brim with a full tank of petrol (petrol can be seen from the neck of the tank) at Sungai Ramal Shell petrol kiosk. With the starting point at the petrol kiosk, we drove off to the highway route as mentioned below at the maximum speed of 90km/hr. We then ended the test back at the same kiosk station and filled up a full tank of petrol till the neck of the tank. Next, we took down the amount of petrol consumed during the duration of that test. We then repeat the exact same test with Bio-Ray Ruby 5W30 Semi Synthetic and noted down the difference in fuel consumption below.


As seen above, when using Bio-Ray Motor Oil, the car experienced a savings of 14.68% in petrol consumption. 

In this video, we used another test car, a Toyota Camry _____ which has been using a USA Branded 5W30 Fully Synthetic engine oil. Due to the lubricating effects of Bio-Ray Motor Oil, the engine was able to operate more efficiently and was able to improve fuel efficiency by 7%. This test shows that Bio-Ray Motor Oil is able to provide fuel savings when compared to other brands.