Experiment 4: Wear and Tear Test
Experiment 3: Hands On Test

Fuel Saving Myth


Bio-Ray User since: 6th September 2016
Calvin Lum
Sales Manager
LD Waxson (S) Pte Ltd

“As a sales person by profession, I was initially quite skeptical of the product’s claim to save petrol. Within the first few days of use, I did not notice any significant difference in my driving experience. I was even tempted to complain to my mechanic for introducing me to this brand of oil.

However, after a week of use, I realise the difference in the delivery of engine power unlike before. I was able to draw on the engine’s power when it came to overtaking other vehicles on the road. Within a few weeks, I noticed that I was able to drive further on a full tank of fuel. As I’m constantly on the road visiting clients, fuel consumption is a very important factor for me. Bio-Ray Motor Oil was able to deliver its promise of increasing fuel savings and engine power. It took my car about a week of use for the engine oil to run in and to allow the cleansing effects of Bio-Ray Motor Oil to remove the deposits around the moving parts of the engine to restore engine performance. I am a believer of Bio-Ray Motor Oil’s Infrared technology!”