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1What products do Bio-Ray Motor Oil offer?
Bio-Ray Motor Oil specialise in producing high-quality multi-grade engine oil products, ranging from fully synthetic to mineral based engine oil for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. We also produce car care products such as fuel additives and engine treatments.
2Where is Bio-Ray Motor Oil from?
Bio-Ray Motor Oil is formulated and engineered in Singapore by Lam International Corporation Pte. Ltd. In Malaysia, Bio Lubricant International Sdn Bhd is the sole agent for distribution.
3Apart from automotive workshops, will I be able to get Bio Ray Motor Oil from other resellers?
Bio-Ray Motor Oil is currently exclusive at automotive workshops. Do check out our list of authorised partners to find the one closest to you.
4How is Bio-Ray Motor Oil different from the other brands in the market?
Bio-Ray Motor Oil is refined and treated through a proprietary process by incorporating far-infrared technology that improves the molecular structure of oil and lubricants. The oil molecule bonds extremely well with metal surfaces, allowing them to cling on to the surface for a longer period of time. This results in a layer of lubricant coat referred to as LUBRICATING MEMBRANE. Bio-Ray Motor Oil comes with ACTIVE CLEANING formula to help clean the engine, allowing it to operate efficiently while reducing fuel and maintenance cost.
Bio-Ray’s LUBRICATING MEMBRANE is a layer of oil coat that clings and bonds onto the metal surfaces of the engine for a longer period of time. In the event of an oil leak, Bio-Ray’s LUBRICATING MEMBRANE keeps the moving parts lubricated, allowing the engine to operate even without engine oil. The car engine maintains the lubricating effect even when left to stand for a long period of time.
Bio-Ray Motor Oil comes with ACTIVE CLEANING formula to help thoroughly clean the engine and restore the engine’s peak performance. The engine can operate efficiently, reducing fuel and maintenance cost. Bio-Ray Motor Oil recommends first-time users to have their oil change after the first 5,000km (motor car) and 2,000km (motorcycle) of use. As Bio-Ray Motor Oil cleans the engine and absorbs the impurities, the oil change will help flush out the impurities. Subsequently, users can resume their factory recommended oil change interval.
7How can Bio-Ray Motor Oil protect my engine?
Cleansing: Bio-Ray Motor Oil is engineered to clear away dirt and carbon deposits that prevent important engine components from operating efficiently. Dirt and carbon deposits are remained in the oil and will be removed at the next oil change. With a cleaner engine, black smoke and harmful emissions are reduced as combustion in the engine is cleaner. Lubricating: Bio-Ray Motor Oil creates a layer of LUBRICATING MEMBRANE over the engine components to prevent engine wear. Bio-Ray Motor Oil LUBRICATING MEMBRANE stays on metal surfaces longer, which allows better morning cold start when most conventional oil film would have been drained to the bottom of the engine. This results in a quieter, cooler and smoother engine operation. Fuel consumption is efficient because the engine’s performance is restored. Protects the engine: Bio-Ray Motor Oil helps prevent corrosion and rust to extend the engine’s lifespan and avoids expensive repairs.
8I want to make sure these products are safe for my car. How can I be sure?
Our products are manufactured to meet and exceed all strict regulatory standards such as API, ILSAC, ACEA, JASO and many other classifications. While our products are safe for most cars, it’s smart to be sure before you use a product. Visit the individual product pages to find the standards/classifications approved by your vehicle manufacturer.
9How often should the engine oil be changed?
Engine oil should be changed no later than the maximum number of driven distance as stated by the respective car manufacturers.
10Why is it important to have your engine oil changed?
As the oil properties gradually diminish the longer we drive our vehicles, impurities in the engine increases. Frequent oil changes help remove the impurities from the engine by replacing them with clean engine oil. Clean oil keeps the engine efficient, prevents corrosion, reduces engine wear and enhance engine life. In addition, clean engine oil keeps the engine and catalytic converter clean, resulting in cleaner exhaust and gas emissions.
11Can I use diesel engine oil for my gasoline engine?
Yes, as long as it meets the API and ACEA standards and classifications required by the manufacturer’s requirements. For confirmation, kindly check the standards and classification requirements in the vehicle service manual. However, there are exceptions for diesel engine oils meant only for heavy-duty vehicles and construction machinery as they are suitable for most newer vehicles with a gasoline engine.

Infrared Hydraulic Oil

1The hydraulic plump can perform more powerful (lightly)?
Owing to its Infrared feature, it creases a lubricating membrane, providing excellent lubricating effect to greatly reduce the resistance caused by friction, hence it can perform more powerfully for excavating lightly and smoothly.
2More quiet and smooth?
Due to its excellent lubricating to prevent noise and resistance caused by friction.
3The plump operating temperature reduces?
Because of excellent lubrication, there was no friction build up in the heath, therefore, it maintained a low operating temperature .
4Why the life span of the hydraulic plump can be greatly extended?
Due to its excellent lubricating membrane to prevent abrasion of the pump, thus its life span can be prolong significantly.

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