Did you know?

Bio-Ray Motor Oil can protect your engine in the event of an engine oil leak. Your engine can travel up to 100km with minimal engine oil while you search for the nearest workshop to have the engine fixed.
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World's 1st Infrared Motor Oil

21st century lubricant technology BIG Breakthrough

Unique features, incomparable efficacies!

Bio-Ray Motor Oil is formulated through a breakthrough technology that incorporates far-infrared features. This advanced technology improves the molecular structure of lubricant creating a unique and excellent lubricating membrane that penetrate into the pores of metal surfaces of engine components.
This unique lubricating membrane creates incomparable and super lubricating effect to boost engine power, save fuel, reduce operating temperature significantly, prolong or double the life span of engine or machine.

Incomparable efficacies:

Saves Fuel
Boosts Power.
Protects & Doubles Engine & Battery Life Span
Reduces Engine Operating Temperature and noise