Experiment 2: Fuel Saving Test
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Experiment 1: No Oil Test



Bio-Ray Motor Oil Creates Long Lasting Lubricating Membrane!


Proofs of long lasting protection.


This car was put to the test to prove that Bio-Ray Motor Oil indeed produce a layer of long lasting lubricating membrane even after the engine oil was been flushed out. On the 27th of March 2016, we subjected a 25 years old Mercedes Benz SLE300 to the torture test. Engine oil is being completely flushed out. No Engine treatment was added. We then drove the car with 6 passengers (3 witness) along the highway of Singapore. The whole test took 1hr 40mins and we covered a distance of 110km. The car travelled at a maximum speed of 80km/hr throughout the journey without any issues. The engine temperature and noise remained normal with no abnormalities. After the test, the car was ignited again to see if there were any side effects from the test. The idle engine temperature, noise and RPM remained the same as before. It was an amazing experience for the 3 witness as common sense would tell them that an engine without engine oil will not be able to operate for such a long distance. 


We did another test that year on the 26th September which was recorded in the video. As seen in the video, Bio-Ray Motor Oil is able to create a layer of protective long lasting lubricating membrane to protect the engine from wear and tear. After using Bio-Ray Motor Oil, the test car was able to operate efficiently with no issues while maintaining its optimum operating temperature. Under normal circumstances, any engine without engine oil will seize up due to friction and overheating. This will damage the engine resulting in an overhaul.