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Headquarter in Singapore, Bio Ray Motor Oil was developed by Dr Tor Lam Huat during the 1990s.

We specialise in producing high-quality multi-grade engine oil products, ranging from fully synthetic to mineral-based engine oil for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, fuel additives, engine treatments, brake oil and transmission oil. In addition, we also produce industrial lubricant oil, such as hydraulic oil, gear oil, All products are manufactured to meet and exceed all strict regulatory standards such as API, ILSAC, ACEA, JASO.

This advanced technology improves the molecular structure of lubricant creating a unique and excellent lubricating membrane that penetrate into the pores of metal surfaces of engine components. This unique lubricating membrane creates an incomparable and super lubricating effect of boosting engine power, saving fuel, reduce operating temperature significantly, prolong or double the life span of engine or machine.

This results in a layer of lubricant coat we refer to as, LUBRICATING MEMBRANE. Even during a total motor oil leak, Bio Ray’s LUBRICATING MEMBRANE keep moving parts lubricated, allowing the engine to operate as usual smoothly without engine oil. We strive to improve powerful and smooth driving experience for motorists and help them saving fuel significantly, save money and prolong or even double the life span of engine and battery.



Dr Tor also applied his research of Infrared Technology into his other products of personal care, skin care and health care, such as well-known brands’ products of Ginvera, Bio-Essence and Ebene.These businesses were later acquired by Unza Group.

Dr Tor retain Bio Ray Motor Oil due to its uniqueness and potential in the automotive industry。He revamped the business and was re-launched in Malaysia in October 2016. After 17 years of marketing test, Bio-Ray motor oil has proven its unique features and incomparable efficacies!

To deliver the upmost value and quality to all our customers and stakeholders.

1. We strive to deliver unique and quality automotive lubricants that benefit the lives of our customers and stakeholders.
2. We want to do our part for the environment while empowering drivers the ability to contribute to a sustainable environment by reducing waste, carbon emissions and pollutants.
3. Reduce waste, pollutants while delivering the utmost value and quality to all our customer and stakeholders.


The inventor, Dr Tor Lam Huat is also an inventor, practiser and disseminator of Morden Confucius Thought, who donated S$ Ten million to set up Morden Confucius Thought Foundation on 26th Nov.2013. Strongly believing in business ethics, thus he apply Confucius Thought of “Ren, Yi, Cheng and Xin” in to his business as cooperate culture.


means benevolence, universal love, kind-heartedness, fraternity, filial piety and sympathy.


means righteousness, fair and square, justice, gain from society and contribute back to society.


means honesty, credibility, trustworthiness to consumers and dealers.


means reliable, truthfulness, contents of advertisement are true, no gimmick and are abided by promises

He is a person of strong business ethics. He believes that as a person, one should uphold the following values when being honest, sincere and fair towards customers and stakeholders.


Deliver what was promised, be accountable, acknowledge mistakes and correct them.


Find new ways of execution, encourage change, leverage technology, and never stop innovating.


Be brave, challenge status quo, have a view point, and do the right thing.


Defend the interest of customers, be honest during the process of our business and shoulder the responsibility of trust.

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